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DFTB - Digital Food Quality and Traceability Using Blockchain (In Progress)

The project will provide end-to-end data about the supply chain from Farm to Fork. Our focus within this project is to provide data on the avocado supply chain in Israel. DFTB consists of five participants from four countries (Romania, Croatia, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Israel).

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Project materials:

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement № 818182

Dr. Shalom Broyer also participated in the following projects:

CLAFIS - Crop, Livestock and Forest Integrated system

This project focuses on bringing together technologies, experience and research results from industrial automation, "Internet of Things - IoT" and agribusiness sectors. The project supports data transfer between complex field devices/automation systems and IT systems for several stakeholders in the European agribusiness and forestry production sectors. In this project were involved 13 organization from Europe. CLAFIS solve the challenge of the farmer when he comes to work with multi-information systems.


A bi-lateral project Israel-Poland. CPS-AGRI comes to reduce of fertilizer use in the Avocado plants. We developed an IOT devices which measure the fertilizer tank in the field and store the data on the cloud. This data is the basis for smart ML algorithms for smart alerts about loss of fertilizer.


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